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Teh Madam Mods of DANRAD_LIJ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
DanRad_Lij Mods

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DanRad_Lij Mods

This is where you can tell the mods about what's bothering you on the comm. It can be about whatever or whoever -the mods, the members, the way the comm is run, WHATEVER. If we can rectify it, we will.

Additionally, if you have a problem with ME, lady_tavington, then don't hesitate to tell me, but please be polite about it.

Also, this is where you tell the mods if you're leaving the comm. We won't try to stop you, because of course you'd have your reasons. We just ask that you tell us why you're leaving.

Unlike the other posts, replies to this post will remain screened for privacy.
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SUGGESTIONS/QUESTIONS POST [Nov. 11th, 2005|08:32 am]
DanRad_Lij Mods

This is where you can reply with a question or suggestion for or about the comm that you want/need the mods to answer. All we really want from you guys is politeness. We will try to answer as well as we can. :D
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REQUEST/PERMISSION POST [Nov. 10th, 2005|08:15 am]
DanRad_Lij Mods

This is the Request/Permission Post.

This is where you reply if you want any of the following from the mods:

~Request for affiliation with danrad_lij
~Request to pimp/promote soemthing on danrad_lij

Of course, there are certain rules that you HAVE to remember.

The main rule is that your comm or site -whatever it is that you want to affiliate danrad_lij with- is related to either of the following:
~Daniel Radcliffe
~Elijah Wood
~Harry Potter
~The Movies
~The Books
~The Actors
~Lord Of The Rings
~The Movies
~The Books
~The Actors

The most main rule of it is that WE MODS will be the ones to promote your comm or site on danrad_lij. This is so that we can monitor everything that's being promoted on the comm. What you have to do is LEAVE US THE DETAILS OF YOUR COMM/SITE. That must include the following:
~URL of the comm/site
~Title/Name of the comm/site
~Nature of the comm/site (Is it safe for kids, safe for work, or is it a bit on the naughty side, etc.)
~Who/what the comm/site is all about

You can add more if you feel it necessary, but those are the most important parts of it, and you MUST include those details when you reply with a request.

The other rule for promoting things on the comm is this: If you're going to ask us to promote something, you MUST affiliate with danrad_lij. Of course, we'll add you as an affiliate automatically once we've promoted you on the comm.

Of course, the rule for affiliation will also apply to promotion of things.

So, I think that's everything of importance. Just remember the rules, k?
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Hello!!! [Nov. 10th, 2005|08:03 am]
DanRad_Lij Mods

First things first. I know a lot of you people who are reading this now are from danrad_lij, so I've got to straighten things out.

The first thing that must be cleared up is that members of danrad_lij canNOT join this comm, nor post here, unless invited to by the mods. See, this comm is for us to be able to communicate with each other, since we live halfway around the world from each other.

There's the thing of needing to ask the mods if it's okay to promote and stuff, or if there's a fic you're not sure is allowed at the comm, and that's the secondary purpose of this comm, or if there's a suggestion or greivance that you need to reach to the mods. This comm is always open to REPLIES from you all, so we'll be making SPECIFIC posts for those things. I'll get around to it as soon as I finish this post.

So, I think that's all that needs to be said right now. If you have any general questions about this comm, you can reply to this post, and this post only. Thank you very much.

~Marciana (lady_tavington), Teh One Madam Whore Pervy Fangirl Mod
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